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The People

Are you experiencing high turnovers of temporary staff?

If your current agency just isn't sending you the right people, talk to us. We interview every candidate and only send you the ones we would employ. Our bespoke database keeps track of their license expiry dates, right to work expiries, and everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. We provide them with PPE to make sure they can work safely in your environment, and we stand behind them every step of the way.

We know that no two businesses have the same needs, so from a single operative to an entire workforce, we’re prepared for both.

We stand behind our staff every step of the way.


The Process

Are you inundated with pay queries?

We operate an in house PAYE payroll, so every worker is paid fairly, accurately and on-time. All staff receive their payslips directly and come to our accounts team with any queries. We can introduce biometric clock in machines to save you time on your administration, whilst also guaranteeing the correct person is clocking in and out. Employee files and hours are always available to you through our client portal, so your audits will be a breeze.

Never be hunting for a document for an auditor again.

The Partnership

Do you need more from your recruitment partner?

If you want more than just a headcount, MPS will work with you to deliver clarity and continuity. When your recruiter understands your business needs, the quality of candidate supplied improves, which in turn benefits your bottom line. This partnership is built on continuous communication and improvement.

By putting our clients first, you can always rely on us to do the right thing by you. That’s how we built our business – to help you build yours.


Want to know how our staffing solutions can benefit you?

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